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A great addition to your antivirus for all of your security concerns

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updated on August 31, 2022


Free to try out for 30 days with full functionality
Analyze everything running on your computer
Customer support can literally take care of the problem for you
Can be used to recover from a virus or malware attack


Its interface isn't quite stylish
Navigation can be difficult with several windows used to control the app
Price: $
When you go out looking for a security suite, you can quickly notice that a single tool isn't quite sufficient to take care of all of your needs. Also, an infected computer is pretty much on its own. An antivirus tool a lot of times can't do much if the damage has already been done. Let's check out an app that can possibly take care of many different problems that your antivirus suite might miss!

UnHackMe was developed way back in 2005 to fight rootkits and it has since evolved into a security beast. After scanning your computer, you are able to see the scan results in many different tabs. Besides the obvious malware detections, you are also able to see whether there are suspicious processes running or if there are PUPs (Potentially Unwanted Programs) installed on your computer. You can also check out unwanted files, startup programs, services, browser plugins, etc.

Each time you open it, you can find out about a new tool that may help you resolve a problem on your computer. Besides providing protection against malware, you can also use UnHackMe to recover from a virus attack by resetting all settings that it may have changed. If you feel uncomfortable doing anything above, you can simply send a report to the UnHackMe team and you will quickly receive instructions and an executable which can help you resolve your problem!

The app's interface does need some getting used to for users to be able to find out what they want to use. Clicking almost anything results in a new window being opened. The design of the app is also not quite modern but the important thing is that it gets the job done! Best of all, the application can be tried out for free for 30 days with full functionality.
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